VISIT John Ziegler’s Website–The Framing of JoePa

Click on Picture to visit his site, the framing of Joe Paterno

John Ziegler

John Ziegler is a documentary filmmaker and author who is also a former TV sportscaster and radio talk show host. He is most well known for his second feature documentary film, “Media Malpractice” about the 2008 presidential election. He has appeared on numerous national TV shows as a guest, including the “Today Show” and “The View.” He attended Georgetown University and while he grew up in Pennsylvania, he has no direct ties to Penn State.

Marc Rubin

Marc Rubin is a Hollywood screenwriter most well known for writing episodes of the hit series “The White Shadow” and “Fame.” He has been writing extensively about the Sandusky scandal from the beginning and strongly believes that Joe Paterno was framed by the media. He has no direct ties to Penn State.

Ray Blehar

Ray Blehar is a Contributor for the Second Mile Sandusky Scandal website, He is an a Penn State Honors Grad, PSU Smeal MBA 2008.  He is a U.S. government analyst with 27 years experience in a variety of management and analytic positions.  His hobbies include hookah smoking, drinking (Jack Daniels), fly fishing, hunting, and reading. 

Barry Bozeman

Barry Bozeman is the Editor/Author of The Second Mile Sandusky Scandal website. He is a University of Tennessee Graduate & Law School Dropout. He is also an Unabashed Liberal Hippie, Sound Company Owner, and Sub-Woofer Manufacturer. He was a Senate page for Al Gore Sr in 1961.

2 comments on “VISIT John Ziegler’s Website–The Framing of JoePa

  1. hey wh dont the ncaa sue Sanducky parents, also lets sue sanducky high school and college since they too should be responsible for what happen! what a joke

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