What the Media and Our Honorable? Penn State Board of Trustees Has Done!

Shame on the Board of Trustees!  Shame on the Media!  No Facts at ALL support this action!  No Due Process!

The Penn State I Knew Died Today

The decision to take down Joe Paterno’s statue is a case of the media destroying all due process.  We are now a people lead by knee jerk reactions and mob rule.  I challenge anyone to show me where in the Freeh Report Joe Paterno is accused of committing anything that could find him guilty of anything in any court of law.  Joe Paterno is the ONLY one who ever expressed a sentiment of, with hindsight, I wish I had done more!  There is not one shred of evidence.  There are many accusations in emails written by OTHER people, nothing that even names him as anything less than forthright, honest, cooperative.  I knew him, too, by personal experience to never meddle in how his players were punished  when they did something wrong or didn’t make the grades.

What is next?  Will they blow up Beaver Stadium, since it is probably the biggest tribute to what Joe Paterno contributed to the university? Will they blow up the library?  Will they blow up the town?  How about the creamery that produced “Peachy Paterno ice cream?  My University died today.  I will continue to look at my picture of the white out at Beaver Stadium with wonderful memories of “once upon a time there was a place called “camelot”  I don’t know the place that the board of trustees and its administration have created, and I don’t care to know it, either.  I am heartbroken that Penn State lacked the leadership to stand for right against so much wrong.

I am ashamed of my alma mater, but I am not ashamed of Joe Paterno and what he accomplished and contributed.  I wish the University Administration and Board of Trustees had shown discretion and leadership instead of destroying the institution they were charged with protecting.