Penn State Letterman’s Club Speaks Out

The Letterman’s Club statement follows:

“On behalf of the Penn State Football  Letterman’s Club, our thoughts and prayers continue for the victims and  their families in the heinous criminal acts of Jerry Sandusky. Their  lives have been negatively impacted forever and it is important that  their stories are not overshadowed by those continuing to define and  sensationalize their narrative.

“The penalties and bans imposed on the Penn State Football program by  the NCAA are severely damaging well beyond the stated time frame. Our  Club endeavors to stand with all Penn Staters in supporting the current  members of the State Football team under the leadership and direction of  Coach Bill O’Brien and his staff. Bill is committed to carrying on the  successful development of student-athletes that has been a model for the  past several decades. There is not a better individual to lead us  through these difficult times than Bill and we are fortunate to have him  directing the future of Penn State Football.

“After listening to Dr. Mark Emmert‘s press conference this  morning, his assertion that a balance between academics and athletics  (specifically Penn State Football) did not exist previously is baseless  and intellectually dishonest.

“It is with great pride that the members of  our Club know that we have done it the “right way” for several decades  and we will not allow Dr. Emmert’s careless remarks to tarnish the  legacy of Penn State Football. The academic standards and the  well-documented historic graduation rates at Penn State far exceed the  standards set forth by his organization. This is simply one illustration  of many over the past several months where the facts do not supersede  those with an agenda.

“The Penn State Football Letterman’s Club stands united with all  current Penn State students, Penn State Alumni, and Penn State fans  throughout the world as we remain proud of our University, our  reputation, and our traditions.  We will defend her honor and the  institutions within that have made Penn State a world-class University.  The world is soon to learn the true meaning and depth of the credo that  defines us ….


Time for Penn State Trustees to Resign

They collectively have failed in their fiduciary and moral responsibilities to protect and promote the interests of Penn State University.  Therefore, they must resign immediately and an emergency election held to form a more appropriate and effective governing body of the institution.

Their failure to oversee the programs at Penn State, and their lack of honesty as to when they knew about the allegations and their lack of leadership is grounds for their immediate removal.

The trustees have tried to remove the blame from their own shoulders and place it squarely on others.  I call for their immediate removal and a restructuring of the charter of the Penn State University to accomodate a more effective governing body for the future.


Why the NCAA’s Sanctions on Penn State Are Just Dead Wrong

By Dave Zirin, The Nation

At 9 this morning, a crime took place masquerading as a farce. NCAA President
Mark Emmert, a man who in 2010 called Joe Paterno “the
definitive role model of what it means to be a college coach,
” levied a
series of unprecedented sanctions against the football program Paterno built,
the Penn State Nittany Lions. Emmert determined that the entire program had to
suffer because of the role the late Coach Paterno, along with other leading
school officials, played in covering the tracks of serial pedophile Jerry
Sandusky. That collective suffering will mean a $60 million fine, a four-year
post-season ban and the vacating of all wins from 1998–2011. He said piously,
“Programs and individuals must not overwhelm the values of higher education.”
It’s not “the death penalty,” also known as the end of the football program, but
it’s life without the possibility of parole.

The discussion we should be having is how to organize the outrage of the Penn
State campus and the people of Pennsylvania to expel the entire Board of
Trustees. Just as the statue of Coach Paterno came tumbling down in the name of
turning the page at Penn State, the board should follow. We should be talking
about how to push for a full investigation of Governor Tom Corbett and his own
extra-slow-motion investigation of Sandusky when he was the state’s attorney general. Former
Governor Ed Rendell, as a board trustee during Sandusky’s continued presence on
campus, should be subpoenaed as well. But instead, we get the maiming of Penn
State’s athletic budget for the grand purpose of turning Mark Emmert and the
NCAA into something they have no legal right to be. Private, unaccountable
actors have no business cutting the budgets of a public campus. Today’s move by
Emmert didn’t bring justice to any of Sandusky’s victims. It didn’t help clean
house at Penn State. Instead it was extra-legal, extrajudicial and stinks to
high heaven.

Joe’s Legacy Is In Our Hearts, Not Statues or Buildings

By Keith Platt

While the powers that be can tear down statues and vacate wins, Joe’s legacy
isn’t encapsulated by a building, a statue or a trophy. Joe’s monument is
enshrined in all of the young men he taught to be leaders. Joe’s legacy is
enshrined in each of those young men that we had the honor and privilege to
cheer for and call our own. Whatever moral failings Joe may have had, he always
managed to recruit the highest caliber of young men to play football for his
team. This is evidenced by the graduation rates and GPA, at or among the highest
in Division I Football. It is also evidenced by the large amount of players who
chose, voluntarily, to give their time and efforts to Special Olympics and THON.
This is how I choose to remember Coach Paterno