Second Mile Contributions to Corbett’s Gov Election

Second Mile Board Member Contributors to Corbett’s Campaign:

Bill Greenlee, who served on The Second Mile board until 2004   $51,830

Louie Sheetz, the Executive Vice President of Marketing at Scheetz  $133,350

Michael Gillespie, the chief accounting officer of the Hersha Hospitality Trust $7,142

Bob Poole,Chairperson  President and CEO, S & A Homes and Poole Anderson Construction $11,258—was going to get bulk of $3 mil from Second Mile Grant from State

Dave Woodle,ViceChairperson  Chairman & CEO, NanoHorizons, Inc. $6000

Cliff Benson,Director  Retired, Deloitte Tax LP $1250

Michael Fiore,Director  Executive Vice President, Leonard S. Fiore, Inc. $10,702

Bruce Heim,Director  Chairman, Keystone Real Estate Group, LP $3500

Heidi Nicholas,Director  Real Estate Developer & Manager $6000

Al Pringle,Director  Senior Vice President of Commercial Real Estate, Keystone $250

Nancy Ring,Director  Realtor, REMAX Centre County  $350

Michael Hawbaker,Director  Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc.   Donations by family members and/or other Glenn O. Hawbaker employees: $23,225

BenHeim,Director  President, Keystone Real Estate Group  $3000

Benjamin Hulburt,Director  President & CEO, Rex Energy $6500

Jack Infield,Director  Regional President, Graystone State Bank, State College $500

Alan Kirk,Director Esquire, Babst Calland Clements & Zomnir Donations by other Babst Calland Clements & Zomnir employees or PACs: $4,550

Harry Sickler, Director  CPA, Owner, Harry K. Sickler Associates  $800  Donations by Harry K. Sickler Associates and an employee: $3,000

DrueAnneSchreyer, Director Community Volunteer
DrueAnne Schreyer is a longtime member of the board and the daughter of former Merril Lynch CEO William Schreyer, a Penn State alum who served two terms as the president of the school’s board of trustees. Schreyer gave PSU $55 million to create an honors college at the school called the Schreyer Honors College.  $10,000.

Rick Struthers, Director Retired,Bank of America (former president of global card services MBNA).  Total: $2,500

Ted McDowell Regional President, Ameriserv, State College  Total: $750

Matthew Sommer, Director Vice President of Natural Gas and Electricity for Shipley Energy
William Shipley, the CEO of the Shipley Group  Total: $11,000

Karen Creasia Yarrish, Director  Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel, Penn National Insurance.
Total: $10,250

Stephen J. O’Connor Operations Manager, Gilbane Building Company  Two Gilbane employees Total: $3,200

Bill Greenlee, Director  Founder, Greenlee Partners  Greenlee Partners   Total: $51,830.21

GRAND TOTAL: $641,481.21

Nothing “Independent” About Freeh Investigation

second mileLouis Freeh and Company who was hired to conduct an “independent investigation” of the Jerry Sandusky scandal and Penn State’s role in it, was anything but “independent.”  There was a built-in incentive for the investigation to place blame on Penn State (not the board of trustees—Freeh’s client), Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, and especially Joe Paterno (who was dying from lung cancer and would not be able to defend himself).  It should be made clear that Joe Paterno is the only one of the four people mentioned that was found by the Grand Jury to be honest, forthright, and cooperative in his testimony.

Mr. Freeh served as Vice Chairman, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Ethics Officer to MBNA Corporation, a bank holding company, from 2001 to 2006. MBNA was a major corporate sponsor of Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile (and made a lot of money by having the credit card service account for Penn State—lucrative to both parties).

Freeh was close friends with Ric Struthers.  Ric Struthers was a founding member of the management team of MBNA America which was the world’s largest affinity consumer lending company (active at Penn State).   Struthers sat on the board of directors of Sandusky’s Second Mile until 2006.  MBNA America was the lead sponsor for the MBNA Jerry Sandusky Testimonial Dinner and Roast, Friday, April 14, 2000.

MBNA’s Ric Struthers and Louis Freeh involvement with Second Mile— Would it not, at the very least, constitute a major conflict of interest in Freeh’s firm undertaking the Penn State Board of Trustee’s “independent” investigation? Is it coincidence that the Freeh Investigation never mentions culpability of the Second Mile in its “investigation?”  The Second Mile, being a child advocacy organization, had a child psychologist as its CEO, and full mandated reporting responsibility of any impropriety with children.

The Chairman of the Special Investigation Committee is Board of Trustee member Ken Frazier.  Frazier was promoted to CEO at Merck last year.  One of his predecessors at Merck also sits on the Board of Trustees, Lloyd Huck. Lloyd Huck’s wife Dottie was a board member of the Second Mile.  The Hucks have given the University over $20 million

The late William A. Schreyer, former CEO of Merrill Lynch and former chairman of Penn State’s board of trustees, gave more than $58 million to the university.   Schreyer’s daughter, DrueAnne, has served on The Second Mile board of directors since at least 1997.

Secretary of Education and (governor) appointed member of the board of trustees, Ron Tomalis is the vice-chairman of the Penn State “Special Investigative Committee” that hired Louis Freeh to investigate the Sandusky Scandal.  Varioius groups and individuals have attempted to access a copy of the contract between the Board of Trustees and Freeh’s company.  In December, a judge ruled that the contract must be released to the public.  Ron Tomalis swears he doesn’t have copies of contracts.  Tomalis wants a judge to overturn an order to release the records, at the same time claiming he (or his department) doesn’t have them. Where is the contract for the investigation which would show what the investigation was mandated to show?

Sandusky case landed on Tom Corbett’s desk in March of 2009

In 2010, Tom Corbett received $201,783.64 from Second Mile Board members. He received a total $647.481.21 from families and businesses associated to Second Mile Board members.

2010 Corbett accepted a $25,000 donation from The Second Mile—even though as Attorney General, he knew that Jerry Sandusky was being being investigated, and by 2010, the Grand Jury was deliberating the case and taking testimony.

In 2010, The Second Mile board chairman threw a fund raiser for Tom Corbett at his house for his Gubernatorial Campaign.  It took more than two years after the first report of abuse to Corbett’s Attorney General office for charges to be filed, which coincides with Corbett winning his campaign to be governor.

In 2010, Corbett released $3 million to the charity to begin construction of The Second Mile Center for Excellence (later withdrawn).  A large chunk of the $3 million grant was headed straight for the pocket of the charity’s long-time chairman and Corbett campaign contributor, Robert Poole from S & A Homes, a State College Construction Company.